Available Positions

ANALYST 24 April 2024

IT Security Analyst

Head Office

Monitor and manage the security of data and information to ensure the smooth running of business activity

ANALYST 14 June 2024

Network Engineer

Head Office

IT Division

ANALYST 22 April 2024

IT Cloud Engineer

Head Office

Designing, reviewing, documenting, doing a standardization and monitoring company's cloud infrastucture

ANALYST 29 February 2024

IT Data Engineer

Head Office

Prepare data management system to fulfill company's operational needs

SUPERVISOR 24 January 2024

Asset Management Supervisor

Head Office

Coordinate the availability and placement of assets (car units) in the Astra pool or in the auction house poolCoordinate with the asset officer/inventory officer in planning adjustments to auction valuations or used asset (car units) pricesDevelop a maintenance schedule for asset (car units) available in the pool

SUPERVISOR 16 July 2024

Marketing Communication SPV

Head Office

Support the marketing divisions in developing and executing marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, engage customers, and drive company's growth. 

ANALYST 17 July 2024

IT Quality Assurance Analyst

Head Office

Ensure that all projects in the IT Division run in accordance with the quality standards (business requirements) that have been set to support effective and efficient business processes.

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