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ANALYST 15 March 2022

Management Trainee

Head Office

The 9-month Management Trainee Program will prepare you to become our operational leader. You have to show excellent qualities in learning, planning, leading, and execution to be qualified to join the program.

ANALYST 09 February 2022

IT Business Process Analyst

Head Office

Monitoring of problem solving and simple repairs carried out by the IT Operations team to help smooth the work process of applications used by users.

ANALYST 01 March 2022

Corporate Strategy & Financial Planning

Head Office

1.     Facilitate management in formulating the company's long-term and short-term strategic vision and mission and monitor the achievement of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of each work unit to support the achievement of overall company targets and strategies2.     Plan and analyze financial information to support company in commercial decision making and to become a compass for management to ensure the achievement of company’s financial goals.

ANALYST 22 February 2022

Tax Analyst

Head Office

Process the financial transaction record accurately to ensure the financial report is right and in accordance with the existing accounting principles.

ANALYST 05 March 2022

Litigation Analyst

Head Office

Manage and monitor the settlement of litigation cases to maintain company assets and image.

ANALYST 01 March 2022

Recruitment Analyst

Head Office

Facilitate company in the process of fulfilling employee needs accurately in terms of quality, cost, and time to support the achievement of company targets.

ANALYST 08 March 2022

Marketing Analyst

Head Office

Implement sales promotion and communication strategies that support the company's image and assist the sales process.

ANALYST 17 May 2022

Performance Analyst

Head Office

Facilitating the company in the process of managing employee performance to produce optimal performance according to company targets.

ANALYST 22 June 2022

Key Account Executive

Head Office

Looking for customers who need financing in accordance with the policy, include maintaining a good relationship with customers to improve the achievement of Fleet sales target.

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