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MT 01 January 2024

Management Trainee

Throughout Indonesia

The 9-month Management Trainee Program will prepare you to become our operational leader. You have to show excellent qualities in learning, planning, leading, and execution to be qualified to join the program.

ANALYST 01 November 2023

Corporate Planning Analyst

Head Office

1.     Facilitate management in formulating the company's long-term and short-term strategic vision and mission and monitor the achievement of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of each work unit to support the achievement of overall company targets and strategies2.     Plan and analyze financial information to support company in commercial decision making and to become a compass for management to ensure the achievement of company’s financial goals.

ANALYST 01 March 2024

Marketing Analyst

Head Office

Implement sales promotion and communication strategies that support the company's image and assist the sales process.

ANALYST 01 February 2024

Accounting Analyst

Head Office

Process the recording of financial transaction accurately to ensure the financial report is right and in accordance with the applicable accounting principles.

ANALYST 01 January 2024

Finance & Budgeting Analyst

Head Office

Manage, monitor, and develop Kinto transaction process (Installment receipts) to ensure smooth and effective transactions.Ensure conformity and perform administration monitoring of all receipt transations to support the smooth running of financial transactions accurately and effectively.Managing and monitoring administration process of all Kinto paymentManaging and monitoring Kinto's budgetAnalyze & monitoring Kinto's expenses

ANALYST 09 January 2024

HR Culture Management

Head Office

Develop and implement systems and programs to ensure organizational culture remains embedded within the company

ANALYST 09 January 2024

Data Quality & Metadata Analyst

Head Office

Responsible for the development and management of TAF metadata. Ensure that the metadata dictionary is standardized, integrated, current, and historical - such that the repository encompasses all rules, relationships and attributes about data

ANALYST 09 January 2024

Acquisition Development Analyst

Head Office

Provide recommendations for developing and improving processes, programs and work tools in the credit function for all products to support the achievement of company targets

ANALYST 11 January 2024

Data Operation Analyst

Head Office

Process, provide, and analyze data performance which will provide information for management or operations

ANALYST 24 January 2024

Personal Assistant

Head Office

You will work on a one-to-one basis on a variety of tasks related to the CEO's working life and communication.Reporting to JapaneseHearing new project/ planning from HQExplaining and persuading new planning/ project to internally responsible persons (management)Documents translation (Japanese to English, English to Japanese)Other related tasks as assigned

ANALYST 09 February 2024

Enterprise Risk Management Analyst

Head Office

Assisting in the implementation of risk management policies, contributing to the development of strategies to mitigate identified risks, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations

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